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St Martin's Lutheran School Technology and Internet Usage Agreement- Students 2020-2021

When using any Technology Equipment, all students:

• Shall not type, send or otherwise use any inappropriate or offensive words, or display, send, or otherwise             use inappropriate or offensive images, sounds or messages from or on Technology Equipment.

• Shall not use Technology Equipment in a manner which violates any local, state or federal laws. 

• Shall immediately report to a teacher or supervising staff member any inappropriate material or misuse of           Technology Equipment of which the student becomes aware.

• Shall not use Technology Equipment in any way to engage in cyber-bullying behavior.

When using the Schools Technology Equipment, all students:

• Shall not reconfigure any school hardware, software, or network settings.

• Shall print, download, or otherwise transfer only that information approved by the teacher or supervisor.

• Shall obtain the permission of a teacher or supervisor before loading a file or disk onto a school computer.

• Shall not use any school Technology Equipment to create, store, transfer or use software or electronic content     in a manner which violates the rights of the holder of copyright in the software or the content; and shall not         plagiarize works found on the Internet or elsewhere.

• Shall not load any software onto school computers without first obtaining the teacher's permission.

• Shall only use the Internet for school-related projects and shall visit only the sites assigned by the teacher.

• Shall not 'surf the Internet or visit ‘Facebook,' or any other social networking websites while at school.

• Shall not log-on to the Internet without permission from a teacher or supervising staff member.

• Shall not give out, post, or otherwise distribute personal information such as photographs, home addresses,       telephone numbers, parents' work addresses or telephone numbers or the name and location of the school.

All students understand and acknowledge:

• Student use of cell phones and any other electronic mobile devices during school hours is permitted when         approved by a faculty member. Use should be for instructional and learning purposes as well as emergency         situations.

• That any violation of this policy may result in permanent revocation of their technology privileges and other         disciplinary action may be taken in the sole discretion of the principal.

• That use of all Technology Equipment may be monitored.

• That the school reserves the right to access a student's computer files or any other Technology Equipment         when required for the maintenance of the school's technology equipment, in emergencies, in the course of         investigation of possible wrongdoing, or at the discretion of the Head of School.

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement

• Parent/guardian shall be responsible for reading and reviewing the terms listed above with their child.

• Parent/guardian shall be responsible for any damages, claims and expenses resulting from their child's

   misuse of the school's Technological Equipment in violation of this agreement.

• Parent/guardian acknowledges that any failure to honor the terms of this agreement may result in disciplinary       action determined at the discretion of the Principal, any or all of the student's technology privileges being             revoked, and/or the reporting of such infraction to appropriate authorities.

Parent/Guardian acknowledges that they have read and reviewed the terms of acceptable technology use with the student listed below, and both parent and student understand and agree to abide by those terms.

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