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Teacher Recommendation Form

This form will be held in the strictest confidence and will not, directly or indirectly, be shared with students, parents or guardians.

I have known this student for

Attendance is


Verbal Ability
Mathematical Ability
Creative Ability
Intellectual Curiosity
Ability to Grasp New Concepts


Classroom Achievement
Participation in Discussions
Writing Mechanics
Quality of Written Ideas
Oral Expression
Work Habits
Ability to Follow Directions
Preparation for Class


Maturity for Grade
Maturity for Age
Please select the words that describe this student:

Please note any special attributes of this student that would help us to better understand him or her (e.g., English as a second language, special talent in arts or athletics, etc.)

Would you be willing to discuss this child by telephone if we have further questions?
Is there information about this child that would be better communicated by telephone?

For School Administrator

Has the family satisfied all financial obligations to your school?

(Many AIMS schools will not enroll a student until the family has met all financial obligations to the school previously attended by the student.)

Thanks for submitting!

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