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Publicity Release Form 2020-2021 

St. Martin's Lutheran School has oppotunities throughout the year to promote the school through news stories on TV, print, radio, and electronic media.

Permission is hereby granted for St. Martin's Lutheran School to use the voice/audio recordings, photographs, video, and quotations of to assist in community awareness, educational efforts, and related public relations purposes, including media coverage of school events and activities and public relations/advertising that may include brochures, posters, print, radio, internet, TV or any other electronic media.

In exchange for the opportunity to participate in the community awareness programs, educational efforts and related publicity endeavors of St. Martin's Lutheran School, I, hereby, agree to release and hold harmless St. Martin's Lutheran School and employees from any and all claims, demands, causes of action and/or liability of whatever kind or nature arising out of or connected to the use of said voice/audio recordings, photographs, video and quotations.

Thanks for submitting!

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