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Teacher Recommendation Form
Pre-K to Grade 1

This form will be held in the strictest confidence and will not, directly or indirectly, be shared with students, parents or guardians.

other students in class, attending

per week

per day.

I have known this student for

Attendance is
Is English Child's primary language?

Academic Readiness Skills for Reading, Writing and Computation

Ability to listen in a group
Contribution to discussion
Ability to follow directions
Ability to work cooperatively
Respect for classroom routines
Ability to complete tasks
Ability to focus on one task
Ability to transition between tasks
Response to corrections
Willingness to try new activities
Ability to initiate activities
Ability to solve problems
Ability to express thoughts/ideas

Social/Emotional Development

Comfort with peers
Comfort with adults
Ability to work independently
Cooperation in classroom activities
Initiation of play activities
Use of imagination
Capacity to lead
Capacity to follow
Purposeful use of materials

Physical Development

Small Muscle control/coordination
Large muscle control/coordination
Speech development/articulation
Pencil grip
Please select the words that describe this student:
Would you be willing to discuss his child by telephone if we have further questions?
Is there information about this child that would be better communicated by telephone?
Preschool Director: Has the family satisfied all financial obligations to your school?
Please attach copies of any standardized testing.

Thanks for submitting!

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