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  • We get lots of time to practice, and doing phonics and grammar is fun.

    Maggie, 1st Grade

Welcome to St. Martin's Lutheran School of Annapolis!
Our commitment to our mission to provide students with Christian instruction, academic education, and extra-curricular activities to equip them for God-pleasing and productive lives has not changed since our founding in 1963.

At St. Martin’s Lutheran School of Annapolis, our faculty and staff are proud of their culture of caring, nurturing, and high expectations for learning. They embrace the notion that each student is unique, bringing experiences, beliefs, and perspectives that form the framework on which they can build.

Beyond the classroom, a wide range of activities that enrich students’ educational growth, such as participation in sports or music, enable students to engage in collaborative and cooperative learning.

We invite you to explore St. Martin’s Lutheran School of Annapolis through this website. The contents include a wealth of information of interest to students, parents, and caregivers alike. Please feel free to contact us is you have any questions or need additional information.